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City and state should stand up for safe injection sites

A landmark court ruling in Philadelphia could — and should — move Boston, and the state, in the direction of allowing safe injection sites.


Another set of eyes on DCF

Needed deep systemic change is proving elusive at the troubled Department of Children and Families.


Calling on GOP Senate elders: Speak up and be heard

Where are the retired Republican US Senate elders, like Maine’s Olympia Snowe, as the House begins its impeachment inquiry into President Trump?


Court decision in Harvard case is an important victory for affirmative action

The ruling, which upholds Harvard’s race-conscious admissions system, saves affirmative action. For now.


A test of conscience for US officials

Memo to Trump administration officials: See something, say something.


Trump refugee policy betrays this country’s values

The cut in refugee admissions is the latest attempt to decimate the longstanding American tradition of welcoming the world’s most vulnerable.

Kristine McDivitt Tompkins

HubWeek: Hope in midst of climate crisis

Committed people working together can help “rewild” degraded places, restore the conditions that support abundant wildlife, and foster beauty.


Lawmakers get it mostly right on school funding formula

No compromise is perfect, but the sweeping Student Opportunity Act is a good start.