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Finalist for the 2021 Pulitzer Prize in Editorial Writing

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Governor Charlie Baker

Illegal voting latest Baker license bill red herring

Effort to allow undocumented immigrants to earn the right to drive would make us all safer.

As lawmakers craft their own tax relief package, they need to consider at least one thing Governor Baker got right — that policy counts, that this is the time to make policy changes that need to be made anyway.

Tax relief gets trendy on Beacon Hill

With the state Treasury rolling in dough, taxpayers look for a break.

Apart from her leadership position, Karen Spilka is still a state senator with constituents, who have a right to know how she is representing them on Beacon Hill.

Massachusetts lawmakers should put their name where their vote is

By passing a bill to legalize sports betting by a voice vote instead of a roll call, the Massachusetts Senate failed in that duty.

A new Chase Bank branch opened in Mattapan Square on Blue Hill Avenue last year. A public bank would help fill the credit gap that private banks leave behind.

Massachusetts should have a state-owned bank

Though the idea of a public bank has come up and failed in the Legislature in the past, lawmakers should give it a second look.

A playground by the Mission Hill School in Jamaica Plain.

It’s not enough to shut down ‘failed’ Mission Hill School. BPS owes the public some answers on the scandal.

In the face of the widespread negligence documented in a bombshell 189-page report, shutting down the Jamaica Plain school was an easy call.

A man walks past the "missing child" poster for Harmony Montgomery on May 5, 2022, in Manchester, N.H. The five-year-old girl went missing in 2019.

Harmony still missing while adults play blame game

Child advocate faults lawyers for putting parents’ rights ahead of a child’s welfare.

Gables Arsenal Street is a 296-unit rental housing building on Arsenal Street, in Watertown, one of the two corridors that have seen a lot of multi family development in Watertown. The building opened in November 2016.

Baker’s housing law is ruffling suburban feathers. Good.

For a century, Boston’s wealthy suburbs have abused zoning to stymie affordable housing and build a racially segregated region.

Senator Susan Collins of Maine responded to the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade by saying that, if accurate, the decision would be completely inconsistent with what Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Brett Kavanaugh said in their hearings and in meetings during their confirmation hearings

A rollback of rights must not stand

Alito’s draft opinion would throw out 50 years of legal precedent on abortion.