Trump’s ‘public charge’ anti-immigrant proposal is cruel and unusual

The Trump administration’s “public charge” rule is chilling and cruel, and letters from Massachusetts officials show how the policy would hurt immigrants.


A to-do list for Legislature’s short session

During the informal session, bills can only pass unanimously, meaning controversial legislation is a non-starter.


Boston Harbor is clean but could face new threats to marine life: plastics and drugs

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority should monitor new and emerging threats to the marine environment such as plastics and pharmaceuticals.


Deval Patrick knew when to call it quits on a presidential bid. Other politicians take note

Running for president is hard. Deciding not to run? That can be even harder.


Beacon Hill should pass Baker’s housing bill, but not without strings

Baker’s housing bill is better than nothing. But the Legislature will have to do better next session.


Newton judge should not continue to sit on criminal cases

No matter how much one may credit her good intentions, Judge Shelley A. Joseph should not continue to sit on criminal cases until her own legal situation is resolved.


Boston should stop dragging its feet on marijuana shops

With two marijuana stores opened in Central in Western Mass., Bostonians are asking, “What about us?”

Michael A. Cohen

Matthew Whitaker needs to go

The acting attorney general is unqualified for the job he holds.

Opinion | Emily Reichert and Quincy Miller

Mexico City’s transit solution could be ours: better buses

Boston can follow Mexico City’s lead in improving public transportation — by investing in bus transit.


Bush led the US through a changing world

He leaves a legacy of global leadership and a willingness to confront fiscal problems realistically.


A Democratic House must turn up the heat on global warming

Bringing back a high-profile House committee on climate change is a must.


Voters say raise my taxes to preserve parks, but Beacon Hill isn’t keeping up with demand

Beacon Hill should invest more in the Community Preservation Act. Here are two ways to fund it: Increase registry of deeds fees and tap the state’s horse racing fund.


Editorial: Pelosi vs. Moulton should be about a creating a transition to a new generation

This should be legacy time for Nancy Pelosi, and she needs to pave the way for her inevitable successor.


Secret courts in Massachusetts don’t have to be so secret

There is no substitute for justice delivered in the bright light of day — even by clerk magistrates.


Answers needed on fate of Everett casino license

Wynn Resorts needs an answer on the fate of its Everett casino license — and so do the people of Massachusets.


Rep. Richard Neal arrives at the center of power and action

The dean of the Massachusetts congressional delegation reflects on the next stage of his career.


If we want to fight hate, we need to do a better job tracking it

One of the first steps to combating hate incidents will be for the government to get a better handle on when, where, and to whom the are occurring.


Don’t curb gas utilities; clean them up

If anything good comes out of the trouble at this gas utilities this year, it should be the state’s commitment to prod companies toward a cleaner future now.


Trump’s attacks on judiciary echo his press bashing

Make no mistake, Trump chooses his battles carefully, and his choice to disparage yet another institution critical to a well-functioning democracy is no idle rant.


Beacon Hill helped dig a hole for UMass Boston. Now they should help dig it out

Massachusetts is still making good on Big Dig debt. Why not this?


Julian Assange: Bad guy, yes. Criminal? Not so fast.

Prosecuting the WikiLeaks founder could establish a dangerous precedent in undermining freedom of the press.

Opinion | Jessica Lander

Why school counselors matter

In many schools, counselors may be the only staff member responsible for understanding each child as a whole person.


Memo to House Democrats: Keep on eye acting AG

Democrats must make it clear that they will demand information about all interactions Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker has with the Special Counsel’s office


Thanks for nothing, Trump. Trade war has cranberry growers seeing red

The little red fruit has been drawn into President Trump’s trade wars. To ease the pain, the federal government should extend financial assistance to cranberry growers.


After Saudi Arabia killed a journalist, Congress must take a stand

US intelligence has confirmed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Congress must respond.