Beacon Hill can reform secret court hearings, and it should

Two bills before the Legislature could reform clerk-magistrate hearing system of “secret courts.”


Beer gardens face a stealth attack on Beacon Hill

South Boston senator Nick Collins has made a strange alliance and risks a City Hall rift to get his way on seasonal licenses for these popular outdoor taps.


Time for a reset on education funding

Compromise is needed to get to yes on education funding.


Senate shakes it up, House sticks to the good ol’ boys

Senate President Karen Spilka’s “new broom” gets a workout even as Speaker Robert DeLeo remains in his comfort zone as legislative committee chairs get their assignments.


Trump’s ‘emergency’ sets a dangerous precedent

For the president to label the border an “emergency” renders the term meaningless.


Full Mueller report must be made public

Bipartisan Grassley-Blumenthal bill to assure release of this and all future special counsel probes should be the Senate’s next order of business.


A year after Parkland shooting, a sign of hope

House tackles broader background check bill after first hearing on gun violence prevention in more than a decade.


Traffic takes its toll on Boston

It needn’t be either-or: Congestion tolling can work in concert with the other transportation options the state wants to create, and even help pay for them.


Democrats dig in on immigration, and it’s not about a wall

Immigration enforcement, again, is at the center of the budget impasse. This time, though, the controversy has nothing to do with a border wall.

Opinion | Barbara Lee

A woman can win the White House in 2020

First, with multiple women in the race, it will be harder for voters to hide their bias behind other excuses.


Michelle Carter no freedom of speech martyr

ACLU of Massachusetts misguided in its effort to paint ‘reckless or wanton words causing death’ as something worth defending.


Vaccine rejections based on religious exemptions are rising sharply in Massachusetts

The trend against vaccination for measles and other childhood diseases needs to be stopped.


Elizabeth Warren needs to stop the drip-drip-drip of fresh revelations

The best thing Elizabeth Warren can do — what she needs to do — is put all the facts about her past in front of voters and stop the drip-drip-drip of fresh revelations.


Next stop, Wonderland — or maybe Kendall Square

Big question remains whether commuters will have to wait until 2040 for the once mythical Red Line-Blue Line rail link.


Infrastructure Week can’t be a punch line anymore

A big infusion of infrastructure spending could be a real win for the country, but to make it happen the president needs to move it to the top of his priority list — now.


For the record, the Patriots winning the Super Bowl never gets old

New England Patriots give fans a tutorial on what happens when people “collaborate” on and off the field.


House punts on full transparency

In rejecting a ban on nondisclosure agreements, the House further entrenched a culture of secrecy that has no place in government.


Does Partners HealthCare still need to grow?

The next Partners CEO needs to figure out how to get everyone on the same page, and maybe just maybe — growth through acquisition should no longer be the priority.


Legislating in the dark? These Beacon Hill lawmakers voted no.

A motley coalition of Republicans and outsider Democrats made an important statement on Beacon Hill, demanding change to the way the clubby House of Representatives does business.

Opinion | C.A. Webb

Hey MBTA, don’t forget Kendall Square!

Along with a fare hike, the MBTA this week unveiled “The Better Bus Project.” We sure hope it’s coming to Kendall Square.


MBTA fare hike nickels and dimes riders

The answer to the transit system’s real problems are another round of pension reforms and cutting overtime, not balancing the budget on the backs of riders.


Housing hypocrisy is alive and well in South Boston

The level of housing hypocrisy here is mind boggling: a 15-acre development that would create 185 affordable housing units in South Boston is facing opposition from lawmakers. Go figure.

Charlie Baker takes on Big Pharma

Transparency is the key to saving state dollars while not depriving those in need of the life-saving treatments that are changing health care delivery.


‘Carbon Free Boston’ begins with cars and homes

If a new report on reducing Boston’s carbon footprint can focus the city’s climate policies around cars and homes, it’ll have been a success.


A way to shut down the shutdowns

Senator Mark Warner’s Stop Stupidity Act is a smart way to make budgetary brinksmanship less likely.