Attack from the right distracts from shame of the institution

KUDOS TO James Carroll for his quixotic mission as the conscience of Catholicism (“The Catholic Church sets foot in tricky waters,’’ Op-ed, Nov. 21). But it’s no surprise that the current generation of Catholic bishops has gone on the offense, now aligning with evangelical Christians of the far right, against the forces of secularism that they both perceive as destroying their antiquated notions of morality.

The Catholic Church is justly under attack, after all, for its institutional conspiracy to harbor pedophilia among its ranks, so perhaps the bishops have decided that the best defense is a good offense. It’s the clergy equivalent of patriotism being the last refuge of scoundrels.

The real head-scratcher here is the fact that tens of millions of Catholics continue to place their trust in an institution so thoroughly and shamefully discredited for its sweeping corruption - not just by the usual suspects of money and power, but by the most sordid and unforgivable of human transgressions against innocent children. How can otherwise intelligent people continue to patronize an institution in which church leaders inveigh against homosexuality as violating God’s law, while pedophilia is apparently ignored? This takes more than just blind faith. Add deaf and dumb to the list.


Elizabeth M. Jonassen