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    Lumping Democrats with Republicans gets us nowhere

    IN HIS Dec. 10 column about Occupy Boston (“So, what was the point?’’ Op-ed), Tom Keane is too kind in saying that “it’s hard to see how they’ve played any role in figuring out a solution.’’ In fact, the Occupy movement adds to the problem by dismissing Democrats and Republicans as all the same.

    One party largely addresses Occupy’s causes - the jobs bill, health care reform, financial regulation -while the other often votes against them. Occupiers say that the parties are equally dependent on money. Right. And all vegetables depend on rain and sun. Anyone unable to tell a cauliflower from a carrot?

    Lumping the parties together is an excuse for an unwillingness to weed the garden while complaining about the produce. Will Occupiers join cynics who never vote?


    This movement needs to stop thinking of politics as some PowerPoint presentation of orders handed down, and see it as a plot of land in which the future is planted. What counts most is the number of gardeners. And if Occupy deserves praise for anything, it’s the numbers that they - that we - represent.

    Jack Garvey

    Plum Island