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Child’s father, a ‘former Republican,’ knows meaning of family values

I WAS touched by last Sunday’s article about the Maines family, one of whose twin children is transgender (‘‘Led by the child who simply knew,’’ Page A1, Dec. 11).

Life is complicated and mysterious, and can be beautiful. What an amazing story of courage, honesty, and loving support.

I wish the family all the best as they travel this challenging journey.

I noted that the father, Wayne Maines, was referred to as a ‘‘former Republican.’’ It’s a shame that in recent decades the Republican Party has coopted the phrase ‘‘family values.’’

I’m sure that many people in the ‘‘family values’’ contingent of the GOP would condemn what the family is doing. But I think that the Maines family is exemplifying a meaning for that phrase that is richer and truer.


These four people are fortunate to have each other.

Jeff Bottiger