With their faith, Christians feel the touch of a healing hand

COURTNEY HUMPHRIES gives a fascinating glimpse into how the physical senses work ( “The great sensory mix-up,’’ Ideas, Dec. 11). However, one conclusion seemed somewhat tenuous to me. Humphries says that, though we may feel uneasy about how undependable our material senses are - how easily they fool the other senses and us - it is remarkable how these same senses can give us a reasonably accurate view of the world. Is such an assumption one we can depend upon?

I’ve got a different take on this subject - one that’s spiritual. As a Christian, I look to Jesus as the example. He not only had the five senses, but exercised spiritual sense as well. This enabled him to see individuals as “the image and likeness of God’’ - an image that the Scriptures say is the reality of God’s creation.

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