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    In gaze toward 2012, don’t avert your eyes from climate change

    YOUR PREDICTION of news in the year ahead ( “Time to lift your gaze to the year ahead,’’ Page A1, Jan. 1) was deafeningly silent about the huge, unpredictable, and dangerous elephant in the room - climate change. Have you forgotten so soon the tornadoes in Central and Western Massachusetts, the tropical storm from Hurricane Irene, and the end-of-October snow dump of 2011? How about the bizarrely warm nonwinter so far, which will wreak economic havoc on northern New England states, throw the growing cycles into chaos, and support an explosion of insects and illnesses, should it continue?

    Oh, right, this is Boston, where the fate of the Red Sox is more important to some than the fate of humanity and the planet. Even so, I would expect better awareness from the Globe. Be sure to keep reporting on the most important challenge we face in the 21st century.

    Lise Hildebrandt