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    letters | SICK OF THE CAMPAIGN

    Set a time limit on it, for starters

    HURRAY FOR Farah Stockman’s “Campaigning against campaigning’’ (Op-ed, Jan. 17). I too am sick and tired of watching Republican candidates stick knives in each other, when they are not jabbing at the president. I do not give a hoot whether it was Elizabeth Warren or Scott Brown who raised an extra million dollars this month. I am outraged, and frightened, that my elected representatives, and especially my president, are spending their precious time electioneering while world issues hang in the balance.

    We are a much bigger and more complex nation than England, and we cannot do it all in a month, as the Brits do. But surely we can set a time limit on campaigning. Surely we can decree that campaigns be publicly funded. There must be ways to stop money from buying our democracy, even with the disastrously myopic tilt of the Supreme Court. Why is almost no one talking about this? Won’t someone please point the way?

    Marjorie Harvey


    Crying, ‘Stop the ride, I want to get off’


    I RECENTLY spent a week at Walt Disney World with my daughters and two 5-year old granddaughters. After days of endless rides and excitement, one granddaughter finally admitted to her mother that she was “Disney sick.’’ It seems even a 5-year-old would agree with Farah Stockman (“Campaigning against campaigning,’’ Op-ed, Jan. 17) that too much of even a “good’’ thing is too much.

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    Barbara Powers