Blame humanity, not a higher power, for Holocaust

WITH REGARD to Irene Hofstein’s Feb. 5 letter “Horrors of Holocaust destroyed her faith,’’ I would respond with the words of the late and very much missed Holocaust community leader Sonia Weitz, of Peabody, who survived death camps while losing her family: “The question is not where was God during the Holocaust, but rather, where was man?’’ For Weitz, it was not God who created and perpetrated the Holocaust, but the Nazis, and those who stood idly by.

Weitz went on to direct the Holocaust Center, Boston North; serve as a presidential appointee to the board of the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington; and increase awareness of genocide and discrimination against all people.

I have never felt that people should be so self-righteous as to fail to attribute their worst actions to themselves. It is too easy to attribute atrocities to a higher power. If God gave us free will, we have only ourselves to blame.


Frank Levine