Church lacks moral authority to impose will on women’s rights, health

HAVING LOST moral authority in the face of its own congregants’ disregard of a ban on birth control, and lost moral authority with the community at large as a result of its mishandling of pedophile priests, the Catholic hierarchy is attempting to regain prestige by attacking women’s health in opposing insurance coverage for reproductive health.

Catholic leaders’ attempts to impose their medieval morality on employees of institutions that are religious in name only will not withstand public scrutiny, any more than their predecessors’ silencing of Galileo withstood secular scientific advancement.

But they will try. Timothy Dolan, archbishop of New York, on his way to receive the post of cardinal, will offer to the supreme pontiff the gift of women’s health and reproductive rights on a silver platter. The Catholic hierarchy continues its legacy of masquerading misogyny as saintliness.


C. Gerry McGowan

West Barnstable