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Inspiration for Hub to think big

THE PROPOSAL described in the article “The Esplanade reimagined: Friends’ blueprint would expand access, amenities’’ (Page A1, Feb. 10) is a great inspiration for thinking even bigger. It’s time to put a new shine to the Hub and its spokes.

Our region has the opportunity to be the best place in the world to work, live, and enjoy the fruits of civilization and the beauty of nature. We need to envision what a grand metropolitan area we can create, linked by roads, public transportation, greenways, parks, trails, and open space, especially along the Charles and Mystic rivers and our coastal land.


We need to take advantage of our already compact, clustered patterns of private and public development to create nodes of high-density housing and commercial development that make public spaces vital, attractive, and easy to get to across our many political jurisdictions.

We need to recognize the Boston area’s potential and the necessity of competing with the most attractive regions of the world. Cutting MBTA services, for example, would be a step in the wrong direction, and would run counter to the type of visionary thinking displayed by the Esplanade Association.

Roger Wilson