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    Column slights a strong public servant

    Councilor Charles Yancey.

    WE WERE very disappointed to read Brian McGrory’s treatment of City Councilor Charles Yancey in his Feb. 15 column (“Councilor exposed!’’, Metro). The purpose of McGrory’s column seemed to be to diminish a public servant who has devoted the last 30 years of his life to Boston’s neighborhoods by ridiculing the content of his monthly newsletter to constituents.

    Councilor Yancey should be proud of his consistent track record of communicating with his district. In focusing only on the photographs of the councilor in the community - and what is wrong with that? - McGrory omitted the fact that the councilor’s newsletter always includes informative and timely updates about issues and community meetings that matter to the people of Dorchester and Mattapan. Councilor Yancey has consistently used his newsletter to inform his constituents about his advocacy positions related to the public schools, saving our branch libraries from closure, and opposing cuts to vital city services like community centers.

    Councilor Yancey has been a staunch advocate for the communities that he represents, and he has been there for our constituents when we’ve needed him, even if he doesn’t technically represent them on the council. As colleagues and neighbors, we appreciate the fact that his office takes the time and effort to inform our electorate on many issues and events that typically go underreported in the media.


    Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry


    Rep. Russell Holmes