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Chefs are not throwing up their hands in face of market complexity

JANE DORNBUSCH’S Feb. 29 G section story, “Why chefs are confused about what fish they serve,’’ conveyed the confusion and complexity that go with purchasing sustainable seafood. Different definitions and interpretations of the concept, plus the practical issues chefs face on a daily basis, can make building a sustainable seafood menu a daunting task.

But as daunting as it may be, more and more chefs - from small, high-end restaurants all the way up to those cooking for stadiums and arenas - are making a daily effort to serve food they stand behind. Whether it’s beef, produce, or seafood, many can tell you just how they go about making their purchasing decisions.


It might not be easy, but chefs aren’t throwing up their hands. They are making difficult daily decisions using information that shifts and changes constantly. As long as chefs continue to embrace the complexity of their positions while taking advantage of tools to help them make well-informed decisions, they will continue to help inspire the public to do the hard work that goes into supporting a sustainable food system.

Melissa Kogut

Executive director, Chefs Collaborative, Boston