Shh! Jack Vance is a great writer, but don’t tell Hollywood

CARLO ROTELLA must love the writing of Jack Vance, because he lists Vance as one of the fantasy or science fiction sources that Hollywood might turn to for inspiration next - and it’s not the first time Rotella’s mentioned Vance in a column ( “John Carter, for dimes or millions; Could Edgar Rice Burroughs’ mighty hero survive the Hollywood treatment?,’’ Op-ed, March 7).

I beg you not to mention him again. Let us keep safe Cugel the Clever, the Anome, Kirth Gersen, the Chasch, Suldrun, Magnus Ridolph, and the Grey Prince far from movie-makers’ eyes. I have no desire to debase Aramina, or Alastor, or to let Lurulu be trampled by sticky, committee-driven decision making, pandering to mass audiences, or ill-conceived, over-budget special effects.

Vance’s vision is there in plain sight, waiting for the reader on the shelf. Some books deserve to be read and not seen. And if readers don’t believe me, all they have to do is pick one up for themselves.


Kim Brody Salazar