Letters | pledges of disapproval

‘Under God’ imposes religion onto the public, and must go

THE GLOBE is wrong in its March 10 editorial “Reciting an old argument.’’ The Pledge of Allegiance imposes a religious view onto the public. It implies that there is a god, and that the United States is under the protection of that god.

Since many people regard this as an important religious statement, then this is definitely a religious view, and should not be imposed on the general public. For this reason it should be eliminated. If, however, this is considered to be only a trivial matter, then there is no reason to keep the religious phrase, and it should be eliminated.

What’s more, having a figure of authority lead a class of students in reciting the phrase indoctrinates students and lets them know that the government supports religiosity. Letting students opt out sets them apart, in which case they would be figures of ridicule and bullying.


A better idea is to remove any religious phrasing completely, and let people add their own prayer or thoughts in the privacy of their own minds.

Daniel Pincus