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    Bottled water ban would drive more to unhealthy sodas

    THE GLOBE’S April 1 editorial, “Tap water: Keeping campuses clean,’’ is misguided in its suggestion that banning bottled water on college campuses solves the issues students hope to address.

    Most of what we drink comes in a package. Banning bottled water removes a healthy option among other packaged beverages, like juice and soda - which have more packaging, more ingredients, and greater environmental impact than bottled water. Research shows that if bottled water wasn’t available, 52 percent of people would choose soda or another sugared drink, not tap water. Thanks to the availability of bottled water, Americans consumed 11 gallons less carbonated soft drinks in 2011 than in 1998.

    At Nestlé Waters North America, we believe people should be drinking more water, whether it comes from a bottle, the tap, or a filtration system - but that the choice should be theirs. While well-intentioned, bottled water bans do not offer sustainable solutions. Improving recycling rates - the most effective way to reduce use of raw materials and re-use materials again - does.


    Kim Jeffery

    President and CEO, Nestlé Waters North America

    Stamford, Conn.