Autism epidemic needs further investigation

THE CDC is now reporting that every 1 in 88 births, and every 1 in 54 boys, will have autism (“Struggling for a definition,’’ Editorial, April 12). Does anyone over the age of 30 remember that many autistic kids growing up?

Are you trying to tell me that the shift from 1 in 10,000 births to 1 in 88 is because of better diagnosis? I don’t buy it. I’m shocked that the medical community would take the blame for being so completely clueless and not diagnosing these thousands and thousands of children in past years.

This is a real epidemic in America. Until the medical community is willing to stand up and find out the real causes behind autism, the numbers will continue to rise.


Suzanne McKay

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POLIO WAS considered an epidemic when incidence was 1 in 2,700; current autism incidence is 1 in 88. To attribute growing incidence largely to better diagnosis is downright wrong. Autism will not go away until the media states facts and advocates for government and medical communities to determine causes and find treatments. Until then, the panic should continue.

Deborah Kemper