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    We can’t wait any longer — contain health care costs now

    I was taken aback by the April 17 editorial “INFIGHT TO CUT HEALTH COSTS, RESIST STIFFER REGULATION FOR NOW.” How do you expect to slow ever-rising health care costs and insurance premiums without meaningful enforcement provisions on providers?

    Yes, there has been progress recently in slowing down medical spending. But if you believe that the health care system in our state is governed by free-market forces, you are mistaken. Big providers impose whatever costs they choose on their insurer payers by virtue of their market dominance.

    Past improvements in service coordination and cost control have been reversed after the spotlight of public pressure has dimmed. Without some mechanism applying government oversight to medical spending, this pattern will assuredly be repeated. We cannot wait another two years, as your editorial suggests, before we are proactive in our approach to health care cost containment.

    Don Detweiler