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Issue here is not Warren’s heritage, but her integrity

The lead editorial of May 31, “Elizabeth Warren should use convention to address Native American flap,” offers good and valuable advice to Warren. However, it does not go nearly far enough. No advice is given to Warren as to how she should attempt to reclaim the personal integrity she has sacrificed.

The editorial tells us that “Warren has offered discrete answers to most of the questions” and “has answered questions in a piecemeal fashion.” This seems to be a sugar-coated way of informing us that she failed to tell the whole truth. It is not common for Globe editorial writers to pull their punches, yet that is what appears to be the case here. This is disappointing.

The issue for voters is not Warren’s heritage, or how potential employers were informed as to what that heritage actually is. The issue is her willingness to tell the truth. Personal integrity, once sacrificed, is difficult, if not impossible, to reclaim.


A great deal will be revealed about Warren’s character, and about the respect she has for the voters of the Commonwealth, if and when she tells her story “in full detail.”

Paul E. Landry