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Insurer’s experience boosts argument for market-driven products

Josh Archambault had it exactly right in his June 6 op-ed “Mass. ignoring proven health care options.” Market-driven products, not top-down government regulation, are the best way to bring down health care costs.  Our experience underscores the point. Premiums for our limited-network products are as much as 20 percent less than the price of traditional plans. And when our employer customers use a defined contribution to fund their employees’ health care plans, 30 to 40 percent of employees choose the limited-network option. 

Customer satisfaction surveys show consumers like the limited plans just as much. In other words, when they have a financial stake in the choice, many consumers will make sensible decisions that benefit themselves, their employer, the health care system, and the economy. 

The Legislature should heed the wisdom of crowds.

Patrick Hughes

President and CEO

Fallon Community

Health Plan