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    letters | VATICAN, NUNS AT ODDS

    Church led by people of God, not hierarchy of Rome

    In the article “O’Malley laments discord on nuns” (Page A1, June 14) it seems that the best Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley can muster in support of the strong, dedicated, skilled women in the Leadership Conference of Women Religious is a paternalistic “affection.” What? Are we back in the 1940s and ’50s, when nuns were looked upon as unpaid help who were to serve gratefully in silence for the privilege of waiting on the clergy in rectories and staffing schools and hospitals?

    Didn’t the upheaval of the ’60s make any impression on the present-day Catholic hierarchy? Vatican II apparently did not, since the Vatican is now working on a revisionist history of that great council.

    Of course we laity have affection for our nuns, but we also have admiration, respect, and gratitude for their keeping the message of Christ alive within a decaying Catholic hierarchy.


    The church is the people of God, not the hierarchy of Rome. As one nun so aptly summarized the situation: “Let Rome focus on the rules of the church; we will focus on the works of the church.”

    Marian B. DeLollis