letters | obama eases threat to deportation

Sweeping move is the act of a tyrant, not commander in chief

President Obama reminds me of King James II, the monarch driven from the throne in the Revolution of 1688. King James II held that the king of England, just as he had the power to veto proposed legislation passed by Parliament, had the power to “suspend” already enacted laws — a kind of retroactive veto. This was one of the reasons he was charged with being a tyrant.

Yet what was President Obama doing last week (“Obama limits deportations of young illegal immigrants,” Page A1, June 16) but reviving the suspending power when he announced that his administration would henceforth refuse to enforce US law regarding certain categories of illegal immigrants? John Locke, not to mention George Washington, must be rolling over in his grave.

David R. Carlin

Newport, R.I.

The writer is a former Democratic majority leader in the Rhode Island Senate.