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Seems like sitting senator is dodging forum

RE “BROWN bests Vicki Kennedy” (Op-ed, June 20): I am astonished at how wrong-headed Scot Lehigh’s column is.

First, he fails to mention that Senator Scott Brown had no qualms making use of the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate just a few years ago for a debate against Attorney General Martha Coakley. Vicki Kennedy was by no means neutral in that race. What has changed in the last two years?

Second, Lehigh writes, “Kennedy seems to have decided her political role takes precedence over the institute’s nonpartisan educational one.” If The Boston Globe were to sponsor a debate in this race, would he assert that any endorsement by the Globe’s editorial board is some sort of betrayal of the paper’s journalistic integrity?


The fact is Kennedy has not been asked to play the role of debate moderator. She was not asked to write questions for the debate. What she does or does not do with her time after the debate seems irrelevant. This controversy strikes me as another example of this sitting US senator refusing to speak directly to the constituents he represents.

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Both of the candidates in this race should be jumping at any opportunity to stand on a stage and share their views with Massachusetts voters.

James DiLoreto