Cars are fine, but for many city uses, they’re a luxury

Brian McGrory’s concerns about Mayor Menino’s automotive mental health (“Mayor’s war against cars,” Metro, June 20) should be reconsidered using McGrory’s own perspective from his excellent series on Liberty Mutual. Just as the mahogany in Liberty Mutual’s executive suite represents a luxury for the few (i.e., executives) at a cost to the many (i.e., policy-holders), so do individually occupied cars represent a luxury for relatively few drivers at a cost to the many walkers, bicyclists, bus riders, and air-breathers in our increasingly dense downtown.

I love to drive my car when necessary, but choosing to drive it anywhere near Post Office Square is an optional perk I would expect to pay for in time and money. The mayor’s “parklets” proposal, borrowed from several other cities’ mayors who have apparently gone off the same “deep end,” should be applauded and even augmented for other uses. How about dedicated bus lanes?

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