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    Cry for freedom to choose soda size ignores shackles industry has already placed on us

    In everyone’s rush to slap a label on New York’s proposed ban on soft drink servings larger than 16 ounces — nanny state, un-American, etc. — we ignore that consumers’ choices have already been abrogated (“Cambridge considers a soda ban,” Letters, June 22).

    We aren’t drinking gigantic cups of soda because we demanded them. Instead, they are foisted on us because the food and beverage industry saw what super-sizing everything could contribute to their bottom lines. Just try ordering a small soda, and you’ll likely get something in the size of a small bucket.

    The serving size limits in New York, and the ones under consideration in Cambridge, are not spurred by wrong-headed government interference. The process is a rightful exercise of government authority to protect consumers from predatory business practices.

    Beth Greeley