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    Greig’s role in Bulger’s flight merits no romanticism

    How could you publish Ira D. Stein’s naive letter defending Catherine Greig (“To prison with love,” June 24)? Stein, in his blind romanticism, concludes, “If your partner commits a crime, a vindictive society will lock you up as well.” Greig did not suffer as a result of having a partner who committed a crime. She joined up with organized crime figure James “Whitey” Bulger, a longtime murder suspect, in order to aid and abet his escape from justice and make his life on the lam more comfortable.

    Greig prevented many families from the modest comfort that criminal justice could provide, and made it possible that this ruthless man might continue to kill. For these 16 years of self-indulgence at the expense of justice, public safety, and untold costs for the manhunt, Greig will serve up to eight years in prison.

    Vindictive society? I would say restrained.

    Michael Biales