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NRC needs to eye flood safety as it weighs renewal of Seabrook plant

The article “Rising sea level a threat to East” (Page A1, June 25) describes the emerging concern about rising sea levels and increases in storm surges in the Northeast in the coming decades. Rising sea levels also pose a threat to Eastern Seaboard nuclear plants, including the Seabrook plant, which was built near a salt marsh.

At a recent Nuclear Regulatory Commission public meeting in Hampton, N.H., speakers raised this issue. Scientists expect rising sea levels during the proposed license extension period, 2030 to 2050, as a result of climate change. One member of the audience indicated that the flood maps project that rising sea levels, increases in storm surges, and increased salinity levels will affect the plant. Despite the threat of rising sea levels, the NRC has failed to require that the Seabrook plant address this issue in its renewal application. The agency needs to incorporate this safety issue into its review before considering relicensing the plant.

Bruce Skud


Joanna Hammond