With waters rising, it’s time to face the music

RE “Rising sea level a threat to East” (Page A1, June 25): The times they are indeed a-changin’. Climate-change denialists must be finding it difficult to cling to their bizarre conspiracy theories in the face of the latest reports from the US Geological Survey, predicting that rising ocean levels will radically alter the East Coast over the next few decades. This forecast is entirely congruent with other scientific analyses of the effects from a melting Arctic ice cap.

The insurance industry is changing its coverage model to account for damages caused by climate change; the American military is developing new strategic protocols for a post-greenhouse-effect world; US intelligence agencies are trying to anticipate the geopolitical impact of global warming. These are hardly bastions of liberalism, and they are all following Bob Dylan's advice to "admit that the waters around you have grown, and accept it that soon you'll be drenched to the bone." Will our senators and congressmen "please heed the call"?

Warren Senders