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Letters | America’s historical hub

New museum is a fine idea, but the city does already mark its history

WHILE I certainly second the Globe’s desire to see the proposed Boston Museum become reality, and hope the Globe will continue to push for it, I do want to set the record straight on a few points (“America’s historical hub,” Editorial, July 5).

First, like Philadelphia, downtown Boston does have a national park which attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. As a partnership park, Boston National Historical Park is a little different from Philadelphia’s. But it did recently open a brand new visitor center in Faneuil Hall; all are invited to visit any day of the week.

Second, it isn’t true that the Freedom Trail is “replete with a renovated Tea Party Museum.” Despite the Globe’s relentless puffery, the Tea Party Museum is not actually on the Freedom Trail. It is a for-profit tourist attraction, not an actual historic site or structure.


Merrill Kohlhofer