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    letters | penalties at penn state

    Football program should be shut down for at least a year

    THE NCAA sanctions against Penn State amount to little more than a wag of the finger and a wink of the eye (“NCAA fines Penn State $60m, curtails program after scandal,” Page A1, July 24).

    The $60 million fine amounts to a single year of the university’s football revenue. Penn State still may extend three-fifths of its usual football scholarships each year. As for the four-year postseason ban, bowl appearances are never certain. And the paper-shuffling erasure of some of coach Joe Paterno’s football victories appears irrelevant. He won them on the field, regardless of what a piece of paper says.

    The NCAA’s president, Mark Emmert, could and should do the right thing — shut down the football program for at least one year.

    Leo Chabot

    North Andover