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Menino falls into trap of predictable liberal

It is silly, even childlike, for Mayor Thomas Menino to attempt to block a Chick-fil-A restaurant from opening in the city simply because he does not agree with the company president’s stance on same-sex marriage. There is no direct evidence that the chain bans gay employees from working there, or denies service to gay customers. That would be discrimination, and we would certainly have heard of this if it were happening.

Menino falls in line with the predictable, emotional mentality of so many liberals today: Agree with me or there will be consequences. Does the mayor honestly think the entire city of Boston shares his opinion on same-sex mariage?


What about Muslim-owned or Catholic-owned businesses throughout the city? What does Menino think their presidents’ true feelings are on gay marriage? I guarantee that, if he asked, he would find no consensus.

John Glass
Mesa, Calif.