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    Palestinians’ cultural inferiority is evident

    RE “Palestinians not only ones offended by candidate’s Mideast remarks” (Letters, Aug. 2): Gina Fried objects to Mitt Romney’s comment about the superiority of Jewish Israeli culture. May I suggest she turn to Page A6 of the same edition and read “Palestinian women angry over marketplace killing,” and note that the incredible domestic abuse of women and absence of legal protection reported therein has nothing to do with Israelis. If that article and others like it will not convince Fried of Israel’s superior culture, nothing will.

    She is off base as well as to “Israel’s oppressive policies toward Palestinians.” There would be no need for oppressive policies if Palestinians would stop shooting rockets into Israel with the intent of killing civilians, stop teaching their children to hate Israel and Israelis, and behave as if they recognized Israel’s right to exist in peace.

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