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Like it or not, guns are here to stay

DERRICK Z. Jackson calls for tougher gun laws (“Boston killings a game-changer?” Op-ed, Aug. 18) in the wake of the Dorchester shooting. In Massachusetts, it is already illegal to sell most replicas of a single-action 19th-century revolver. How much tougher does he want it than that?

Jackson is concerned about people who buy guns in other states with more lenient laws and bring them here. But that is already illegal.

The problem with gun legislation is twofold: Like most other issues in America, polarization is the order of the day, with meaningful platitude-free discourse the first casualty.


Additionally, there is that pesky little Second Amendment. Strict constructionists will convincingly argue that attacking one right can be a slippery slope to attacking others. Indeed, “the right of the people” is language found in not just the Second Amendment.

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My advice to Jackson and the NRA is to tone down the shrill setting on the rhetoric scale, and try to engage in a meaningful discussion.

Jack Kay