After Olympic showing, Raisman is wrong target for scorn

In her Aug. 25 letter “A disappointing deal for Aly Raisman,” Kathleen Martin writes that it is “disappointing that Aly Raisman has chosen to endorse Poland Spring.” May I suggest that, given the multitude of obnoxious athletes, celebrities, and politicians that we read about every day, it is disappointing that Martin chose to come down on a girl who is not only a fine role model for millions of other girls, but who conducted herself with dignity and poise throughout the Olympics.

Those of us who watched Raisman were impressed not only with her obvious great athletic gifts, but with the way she treated both teammates and competitors with great respect, and responded wih exemplary maturity in both victory and defeat. I say, nicely done.

As far as Poland Spring is concerned, perhaps the environmental problem is not with the company and the product — there certainly are times whan bottled water is a good thing to have — but with misuse by the general public.

John Finn