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Letter | Tech, bio firms meet resistance in Cambridge

Hostile environment hinders development

Some residents near Central Square are trying to down-zone the area, and have succeeded in stalling some planned construction projects.Globe File

As a longtime Cambridge resident, I am bothered by the views expressed by my City Council in “Tech, bio firms meet resistance in Cambridge” (Page A1, Aug. 25). I have been gratified to see new buildings on underused blocks of Central and Kendall squares. Rather than pushing out local businesses, the new construction has eliminated decayed buildings and replaced them with thriving shops, businesses, and attractive parks.

While more retail should be included in future development, I am deeply concerned that the council may stifle the kind of new construction that we need to keep Cambridge prosperous. Yes, more housing is vital for the health of our neighborhoods. But we can’t expect private development — the kind that builds our communities — to thrive in a capricious and hostile regulatory environment.


Political leaders on the other side of the Charles will be happy to welcome the high-tech companies that have helped make Cambridge successful. Cambridge needs to take the time to work with developers to create projects that are sensitive to and will contribute to a diverse Cambridge of the future, not be seduced by NIMBY demands that are more appropriate to a suburban town than to a dynamic and globally competitive city.

Katherine S. Fichter