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    letters | who are the 47%?

    Many struggling, and taking no pleasure in depending on aid

    In a defense of Mitt Romney, Sandra Castrini-Catalano’s representation of the food stamp card user in “designer clothes” stepping into a “new car” is just a repeat of that tired old welfare queen stereotype that right-wing ideologues have trotted out for decades (“Candidate is right: Many will not take responsibility for themselves,” Sept. 19). For a more accurate picture of what is happening to our working- and middle-class fellow citizens, I suggest she take a look at the folks who increasingly need help from their local food banks.

    These people are struggling to feed their families, often holding down two jobs, and they take no pleasure in depending on charity. And yes, that’s true even on the island where I live, which is commonly (but not very accurately) described as just a playground for the super-rich.

    Chris Lohmann