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    letters | the rising costs of connection

    Blame for rising cellphone costs rests in hands of users

    The front-page article “When talk is anything but cheap” (Sept. 22) is dismaying in several ways. It suggests that the wireless providers are putting a financial strain on families, despite figures that indicate a decrease in basic service charges over the years. It reveals an expectation for government to establish regulations that would save subscribers from their own lapses, whether in terms of keeping track of their usage or of holding their children accountable for ignoring the “monthly minute limit.”

    It is not comforting to learn, given the state of national affairs, that “mobile phone . . . cost has become a matter that concerns even the White House.” When people deem their phone bill more worthy of paying than their doctor’s bill, when they purchase luxury phones on limited budgets, and when they “covet” a new electronic toy without even seeing it, something is wrong.

    If these folks feel stressed, they have met the enemy, and it’s not the cellphone.

    Janet Glitzenstein