Attacks on Warren’s heritage lead to low blows

How sad that the Massachusetts senatorial race, once a spirited contest between two appealing candidates, has now been reduced to an ugly battle in which neither candidate can emerge unblemished (“GOP aides shown Doing War Chants,” Page A1, Sept. 26).

The inexcusable actions by Republican staff members, including an aide to Senator Scott Brown, warrant apologies to American Indians and to Elizabeth Warren. But the fault for such reprehensible actions lies also with Brown and his strategists. Their decision to attack Warren’s character and ancestry so relentlessly clearly encouraged unhealthy behavior within his campaign organization.

Brown’s refusal to accept Warren’s explanation of her belief in her Cherokee and Delaware descent is eerily similar to so-called birthers’ insistence that President Obama was born outside the United States.


For all his claims to be an independent, bipartisan senator, Brown is behaving remarkably like a Tea Partier.

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Unfortunately, the biggest losers in this race are the voters of Massachusetts who, rather than hearing intelligent debate from both candidates on critical issues facing the nation and the Commonwealth, are being treated to a spectacle unworthy of any political campaign.

Can we somehow get back to the important issues in the time that’s left before Election Day?

Alan B. Cohen