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    Mideast peace settlement must be priority

    The Oct. 1 editorial “Palestinian Authority’s woes are a problem for US, Israel” is on the mark in warning readers about the deteriorating economic conditions in the West Bank and the disastrous situation that could result if there is not real progress toward a final peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. Rather than focus only on the impact on the region of potential increased Iranian nuclear capability, our political leaders and the media also need to prioritize the dire need to negotiate a just settlement.

    That agreement must meet Israeli concerns for secure borders and freedom from attacks and Palestinian concerns for territorial integrity, economic growth, and political autonomy. As the Globe editorial states, halfway measures “are temporary solutions for a problem that has dragged on too long.”

    There will be a critical window after the elections for American leaders to break the logjam that has stalled meaningful peace talks. President Obama and presidential candidate Mitt Romney, take heed.

    Sherry Flashman

    Chestnut Hill