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Kennedy focuses on reaching voters, not debates

I was disappointed by the Oct. 4 editorial “Kennedy should agree to more debates with Bielat,” in which you unfairly took aim at the fact that Democrat Joseph P. Kennedy III has agreed to only a few debates with Republican Sean Bielat. With mere weeks left until the election, don’t we want our candidates out on the campaign trail as much as possible, speaking face to face with the people they will be representing in Congress?

It was frustrating how quick the Globe was to discredit Kennedy’s hard work and efforts to get to know voters across the Fourth District. Anyone who has taken the time to go to a Kennedy event and listen to him speak, or read his positions and op-eds, which are available on his website, knows that there’s more to Kennedy than just “smiles, handshakes, and gentle words.” There’s intellect, integrity, and energy.

Kennedy hasn’t shied away from events. He realizes that what voters need is a chance to meet him and listen to him speak. And what he needs is as many opportunities as possible to hear firsthand what residents care about. He’s convinced me, and I think he’s convincing other voters, that he is going to go out there every day and earn his victory.

Jean Southard


The writer is a volunteer in support of the Kennedy campaign.