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    letters | A BIKE COMMUTER’S WAY

    An alert to cyclists: Alert others

    Thanks to Ty Burr for his delightful piece, “Why I bike” (G section, Oct. 9). I, too, love to tool around Boston on my bike as a healthy, free mode of travel and as a way to keep an eye on what’s going on in the city.

    I write to put out a plea to all bike riders to help create a culture of safety on the roads and bike paths by announcing themselves as they pass other pedalers and pedestrians (especially those with unpredictable children). A simple “On your left” makes for a safer time on our streets.

    It’s so easy for a colllision to occur with one turn of a cyclist’s wheel or a child darting out from the side of a companion.


    Some riders use bells, and that’s great! Let’s start this safety practice and provide a safer environment for all.

    Sara Driscoll

    Jamaica Plain