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    letters | holding the line on iran

    Absurd to pretend that Iran is victim of Israeli aggression

    RE “SHOULD Israel have a red line on Iran?” (Op-ed, Oct. 9): I was disturbed to read former ambassador Seyed Hossein Mousavian’s “No, here are Netanyahu’s real objectives,” which was paired as a pro vs. con with a piece by Israeli ambassador Michael Oren (“Yes, it lessens the chances of conflict”), about Iran’s nuclear program.

    Mousavian presents perceived injustices heaped upon Iran in the name of Israeli political strategy as unsolicited belligerence by Israel against Iran. He conveniently ignores Iran’s offenses that have driven this process, including its oft-repeated desire for Israel’s destruction, most recently laid out by its resident at none other than the United Nations. He ignores Iran’s proxy war against Israel waged through its funding and material support for terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah.

    Mousavian reaches new levels of the absurd by pretending that Iran is the victim of Israeli aggression.

    Avi Traum