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    So tired of female stereotypes

    I reread Juliette Kayyem’s column “The Benghazi break” (Op-ed, Oct. 18) just to make sure, but the irony of the essay was apparently unintentional. It’s too bad, because it could have been a darkly hilarious op-ed, and I would have laughed all the way to work.

    I disagree with Kayyem’s premise that the single misstatement in the debate had to do with how and when the attack on Benghazi was called a terrorist act. After all, moderator Candy Crowley addressed Romney’s distortion of the facts pretty handily.

    No, the single biggest misstatement of the night was Mitt Romney’s assertion that in his efforts to hire more women he had binders full of them to choose from.


    By using female stereotypes such as the “tiger mom” and the “French mom” to summarize the management styles of two presidential candidates, Kayyem exacerbates Romney’s message that, where character assessment is concerned, women are only two-dimensional in this campaign. I’ll see Kayyem’s stereotypes and raise her one. In the immortal words of Madeline Kahn’s Lili Von Shtupp in “Blazing Saddles”: Ain’t it a fwiggin’ shame.

    Katy Hax Holmes