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Campaign tactics hit home for daughter of asbestos victim

A recent senatorial campaign mailing, labeled “DANGER — ASBESTOS,” features an angry Elizabeth Warren, supposedly doing battle for big business at the expense of victims. As the daughter of an asbestos victim, I find Senator Scott Brown’s move to smear Warren and obscure fundamental issues both offensive and outrageous.

Although my father died of mesothelioma 43 years ago, I am still incensed by the conspiracy that kept scientific evidence about lethal effects of even brief exposure to the “miracle mineral” hidden from public view for more than 30 years, allowing the industry to mushroom and millions more to suffer fatal contamination. Not a day since his passing has let me forget the staggering costs to my family’s well-being of the early death of a spouse and parent.

There is plenty of room for outrage, but it should not be leveled at Warren, who fought for just settlements for victims, and for years has put her expertise in consumer law at the service of ordinary people. It will be a new crime if Brown’s shabby tactics are permitted to blind Massachusetts voters to his own weak positions on the most critical issues of our time.

Mary M. Gaylord