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Voters have choice: Get back on track or drown in debt

A sign carried by a girl at a Tea Party rally bore a haunting message: I am only 7 years old, and I am already $50,000 in debt. In less than four years, the debt has increased $5.5 trillion. It continues to grow at more than $1 trillion every year, and $3 billion every day, with no end in sight.

Politicians are buying our votes by expanding entitlements and saddling future generations with our debt. Every American should be appalled at this kind of fiscal irresponsibility and recklessness.

The generation of World War II has been called “The Greatest Generation.” Will we go down in history as the worst generation? On Nov. 6, we have a choice: Either elect candidates who will pass a budget with necessary revenue and spending reforms, or elect those who keep borrowing on the backs of future generations.


We can either get America back on track, or we can end up like Greece with economic chaos and riots in the streets.

John Eaton