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Tierney should be judged by his accomplishments, not his in-laws

RE “IN a divided era, sensible Tisei brings voice of moderation” (Editorial, Oct. 23): Your endorsement of Republican Richard Tisei for the Sixth Congressional District does not present any compelling arguments for choosing Tisei over the Democratic incumbent, John Tierney. By your own admission, Tierney has “genuine accomplishments and a reputation as a hard worker.” Unfortunately, during this campaign, there has been too little focus on Tierney’s genuine accomplishments and almost exclusive focus on Tierney’s brothers-in-law.

Your support of Tisei is based on his “voice of moderation,” and yet you admit that, if elected, he would try to repeal Obamacare. To me, that is a deal breaker, and an indication that Tisei stands with the Tea Party, at least on this issue.

I will vote for Tierney because he represents and fights for the progressive issues that I care about deeply, and I will not hold it against him that he was not able to control or even influence his brothers-in-law. Most of us would admit that when it comes to our relatives, especially in-laws, we have limited, if any, power of influence.

Inge Buerger