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    letters | obama a bust for liberals?

    On balance, this liberal stands by Obama

    Jeff Jacoby (“Obama, the liberals’ bust,” Op-ed, Oct. 21) asked whether, as a liberal, I could vote in good conscience for President Obama. The answer is wholeheartedly yes, and I urge all progressive, liberals, moderates, and moderate conservatives to do the same.

    Do I think Obama has done an excellent job for us? Yes. Do I agree with everything he has done? No. Do I think he has supported many more policies that are better for the country than what his opposition would have done? Absolutely.

    Do I think he was hindered by an obstructionist House and a Senate where the majority often lost? Yes. But President Obama was able to get us out of George W. Bush’s made-up war where real lives were lost. He was able to get Osama bin Laden when Bush had failed and Romney didn’t care to focus. He turned around an economy that was headed to deep disaster as a result of Republican policies, and no, recovery does not happen overnight, even if we wish it could.


    Let’s elect a truly bipartisan Congress, and let us also give the president credit where credit is due. He has done a good job in what history will show to be a time that required a level head and an ability to analyze and act in complex, non-sound-bite situations.

    Marsha Mirkin