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    letters | on the venerable church organ

    Absurd display of culture-trashing

    It’s difficult to know where to begin in addressing the culture-trashing on display in Jennifer Graham’s screed against church organs (“Save the church! (kill the organs),” Op-ed, Oct. 25). Should one first point out the ridiculousness of using Darwin’s national selection process in the context of musical instruments? Or how absurd it is to judge the staying power of any art form on the basis of its popularity on iTunes? Or the overall thesis that people forgo attending church because of some deep-seated human intolerance for the “banal.”

    I doubt silencing the organs in churches will stem the tide of young people turning away from organized religion, but that’s a discussion reasonable people can have.

    It’s one thing to dislike or even despise an art form. No one forces you to enjoy organ music. It’s something altogether different to advocate for the organ’s physical destruction, even in jest.


    I hope that Graham’s own children, whom she mentions in her essay, are not being taught this kind of musical anti-intellectualism at home. Far worse than even the most poorly composed piece of organ music, such a message to kids would actually do real damage.

    Scott Cooper

    Newton Highlands